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Find Your Dream Job

With One Of My Masterclasses

Digital Masterclass

Everything you need to
re-design your job search strategy
  • CV & Cover Letter Template
  • Comprehensive Interview Guide & LinkedIn Tutorials
  • Whatsapp Support & Networking Opportunities

Digital & VIP

The full Digital Masterclass program plus 1:1 coaching with Chantelle
  • Weekly or fortnightly strategy sessions
  • Interview Coaching and focus on how to sell yourself
  • 1:1 Support with extensive mindset coaching

Digital Masterclass + 1:1 Coaching + StrengthsFinder

Full Digital Masterclass program + 1:1 coaching with Chantelle + StrengthsFinder Assessment + Coaching sessions with StrengthsFinderCoach
  • Unveil and integrate your unique strengths with your career history
  • Understand how to use your strengths to differentiate and position your career
  • 1:1 coaching with two great coaches

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is like having someone show you your blind spots, help you change and improve on your techniques, and screaming for your victory from the sidelines. I don’t do it for you, but I give you everything you need to become a winner!

You don’t! My techniques are so simple, that I’ve recorded them all for you to work through in the Digital Masterclass. However, if you want that training personalised, or you want to be held accountable, or your career is going through a transition and you’re not sure how to apply off-shelf training, then a coach is the best idea. Talk to me and let’s find the best solution for you.

Does a personal trainer guarantee that you will have a bikini body just by signing him on? Of course not. In the same way, there are no guarantees you will land the job of your dreams by working with me, since there is so much that depends on what you do when I’m not around. However, I absolutely guarantee that I will 100% shift your mindset around what you thought you knew about the job search.

I always recommend a combination approach: training coupled with coaching seems to bring the highest success ratio. This is because you have someone helping you interpret and tailor make the teaching to fit your unique situation. However, if you’re unsure, a great place to start is the Digital Masterclass. You can upgrade your program at any time to include 1:1 coaching.

The only class you can purchase off shelf as a gift is the Digital Masterclass. This is because it is 100% self paced and there are no 1:1 interactions. When it comes to working with someone 1:1, I like to meet beforehand to ensure we can actually work together. If you’re prepared to let your recipient meet me first, then we can certainly have a discussion around your sponsorship.