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Chantelle Botha Recruitment Strategist Coach

About Me

I am absolutely passionate about empowering people and have an unwavering belief that we can all find or create the job of our dreams. I have spent the better part of two decades in corporate South Africa learning about recruitment, sales and management. The combination of these skillsets, in conjunction with an incredibly powerful belief in the ability to create the lives of our dreams has given me the ability to put together coaching programs that WORK! When my clients commit to the journey and apply the principles I teach, they get results! I have worked with clients from all over the world, and many of them are living their dream jobs today.

About You

You are stuck in an unfulfilling career and not quite sure how to change it. The thought of putting your CV out there is almost debilitating because you know the odds are stacked against you. Not because you’re not a find, simply because the system is broken. You know you’re up against all sorts of recruitment software that means your CV often lands in a big black hole, never to see the light of day. You may also be reticent about entering the job market because you’re unsure of what you should really be doing. You have amassed a vast skill set over the course of your career, but you really want to make a difference and feel like you are contributing to something bigger than yourself.

About Us

When we chat for the first time, you’ll learn that what you’ve seen on my social media video’s is exactly who I am. You want to work with someone who gets you and believe me – I GET YOU! You’ll have no shortage of strategy when we work together, but I will constantly push you to put the foundations in on your personal growth. I believe it’s almost impossible to grow corporately unless you grow personally. I will keep you accountable and gradually pull you out of your comfort zone. You’ll see the difference immediately when you start working with me. But most importantly of all – when you finally secure that dream job, you will look at me with wonder in your eyes, as though you’re not entirely sure where the magic came from. I will teach you to believe in and to create your own magic!